Thursday, April 3, 2008

First Blogger blog

Okay so this is my first time blogging with Blogger, I have only used Myspace to keep up with all my friends and family across the country. This is very new to me and I am not a consistance blogger. I am a very busy mother of three and they really keep me going. I have been working this week on about a million projects and have only finished one. I finished up all my paperwork and got it all faxed off to be a surrogate mother. I am very excited about helping another couple become parents. I have to finish up a baby sling to send to me baby sister in Illinois, I also have to work on a baby wrap for her but that one might have to wait till next week. I am also working on a couple of dresses for my baby girl. Along with that I am studing midwifery, dealing with some legal stuff all while dealing with teething crankiness and a three year old and 5 year old all day long. I'm not complaining by any means I love my job but there are days when it is a bit crazy and I wish that I could get a break. I know that one day real soon they will all be gone doing their own thing so I need to enjoy every moment I get with them (at least most of them) I need to get off the computer now and get my kids ready to go out to lunch with daddy. I'm sure that everyone who reads this is going to think that I am the most boring person on the planet but really I'm not I'm a mom and my life will never be boring again.