Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Not back in Full Swing....

But getting close.
So Sunday and Monday I spent way too much time working with my serger. For some reason when I replaced one of the loopers I could not get it to work right. I did find the right settings once but then as soon as I tried again it stopped chaining all together. As much as I'm into fixing it myself I could not find any helpful information on this great World Wide Web so I have surrendered and excepted defeat. I will take it to the shop in town and see if they can help me adjust it right so it works again but it might be a week or two before I do that.
In the mean time I began working on my brides maids dress for my best friends wedding. Well, I haven't really started on the real dress, I am making one out of Muslin because it's cheap. I have seen so many other sewers transfer the pattern from the thin paper to muslin and make a mock up of the garment then ripping it apart and using the muslin as the new stronger and tailored pattern. So that is what I'm doing. Yesterday I washed, dryed and cut out my pattern pieces. This afternoon I transfered all the instructions over to the fabric and began to sew the bodice together. Tonight when the kids were in bed I pulled it back out and finished it. Well, Almost. I didn't put in a zipper, or the lining and interfacing. It fits pretty well, though when I tried it on I was wearing a tank top and pj pants so there might be a need for some fine tuning but probably not too much.
Without further adieu here is the dress in all it's unbleached glory, and the pic from the pattern cover.
I'm going to take out some of the gathers in the front (I added more than was in the original pattern) and I might add a little width to the skirt to give it better flow. So I guess I might have to cut out another skirt to test it but that's just 3 pieces not too bad. It's better that I get it right with the muslin than to totally mess up the with the satin right?
In other news, I go in tomorrow for my two week appointment. They should have the results from the placental analysis and most of the blood work if not all. I don't think they will give me anymore insight into the physical cause of death but at least I'll know what my blood was saying at the time. I will have to have at least one blood test to see if my hCg has gone down to 0 but I'm going to ask if they can do a full hormone panel to check all my levels to see how close I am to being back to 'normal' what ever that means.
Have a wonderful day to anyone whos reading and God bless. I have another post that is in the works but it will have to wait for another night. Right now I must get a shower and hit the hay.