Monday, September 29, 2008

**UPDATED** I think my mind is almost gone

So it seems like everyone is having babies around me and I'm am behind the curve with getting all the gifts done. I made one diaper bag but i will probably be using it myself because it's not very practical as a first diaper bag, and I didn't put anything to make it stiff so it really wont hold too much in the places you want it. (I think it will hold my yarn and needles well though.)
I just finished another one but forgot to take a pic of the finished product before taking to church today to give it to Emily. I do however have pics of the fabric which is absolutely beautiful water silk (I have no real clue what that means in fabric terms but I do know that it is washable) brocade, that I got from WalMart for $1 a yard. I Bought the whole bolt and two other bolts of two different prints one is a brocade the other is a stamped silk. I am making one more diaper bag for another mommy (who just had her baby on Tuesday).
This is the main body of the bag before it was all finished. I'll take pics of the next one for sure.
I have also been working on crocheting boxes from grocery bags. Our church is having a fund raiser for a mission trip to Africa next summer. It is a "Green" sale, everything is handmade using recycled material. The first sale is this weekend. We are looking at trying for another come December and maybe another in the spring.
I also have three pumpkins so far,
and cotton (although only one of the balls have have actually popped open to reveal its soft white fibers.
There are also a bunch of carrots that I will be picking after our first frost ( thanks Amy for the info on the carrots being better after a frost) I am really excited to harvest my sweet potatoes. If the amount of vining is any indication of whats going on under the dirt then there is a plethora of spuds in there I've already had to cut them back 3 times because they were over taking the pumpkins.
In other news. We are half way done with deployment. The past 3 months have gone by pretty fast, but the last 3 will take longer. Like the road trip across 4 states- the last hour always takes the longest. I am ready for him to be home so that I can get some real sleep. I am so tired, I don't remember the last time I was this tired. I don't even think that I was this tired after each birth.
So since I am so tired I am going to head off to bed. I will update this tomorrow with pics of everything.
**Update** I forgot to add that we have a new addition to our family. His name is Charelston Chew. We don't know exactly what he is but his mom was some sort of shepard.
Good Night

Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Fantastic Blog

my friend Lauren turned me to this blog and it is great. If you have every wondered why bad things happen and how a good loving God could let it happen then you have to read this blog. When you go to the page click on the link at the left to start at the begining. And don't forget the kleenex. It took me just over one evening to read the whole thing. I hope it touches you like it has touched me and so many others. God Bless you all