Sunday, May 25, 2008

stayed home sick

Well not really sick but my nose is runny and my throat hurts and I've been coughing but it's really all just allergies. Life in Cali's central valley is quite challenging, last week it was extremely hot (triple digit temps) then this week we have had high temps and winds stirring up the dust and then just as soon as the wind stopped the temps decided to take a dive and the rain started. Now don't get me wrong I love the rain and we have been in great need of it (especially those areas dealing with the fires) but it is very rough on a persons allergies when the weather keeps changing. Not to mention the fact that all of this is happening at the same time that my body is building up it's immunity to our new kitten. So with all that said, I stayed home from church today. The first time since March of 2005 when I went to hospital on Sunday afternoon to have our second child. I wasn't going to stay home because I do have some control issues and I keep thinking that if I'm not there then the Nursery is going to fall apart but Ben convinced me that it would be better for me to stay home and rest so that I don't get really sick cause then I would not be good for anyone. So as I'm here alone I am working on trying to fix my serger (hoping that I don't have to buy new loopers for it.) and also trying to finish up our duvet cover. I also have to get dressed so that we can go pick up my new treadmill. It's not really new but it is for me. I can't wait to start running. I have always wanted to run but I have asthma and so running outside is not really a good idea but now I can run while the kids are taking a nap and then hopefully by the time Ben gets back from his deployment next February I will be in great shape with an even healthier heart. (not to mention rid of the baby fat still left around my middle) I have to get ready to meet the family for Sunday lunch, I just hope my nose is up for it.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

brand new baby kitty

Her name is ButterCup. It was originally Scarlet (that is what the lady that had her called her) but Nathian wanted it to be Sweetart. I told Ben that we had to start thinking of names for our puppy (who hasn't been born yet- hopefully this week) and it needed to stay in the candy family. I thought that Kit Kat would be really cute for the dog. Ben was then looking at the kitty and noticed how much her coloring looked like chocolate and peanut butter so she is ButterCup now. It is hard having a new kitten, I forgot what it was like. I don't think it was as hard with Sam (our first cat) because I didn't have any kids chasing him around and I could focus on him and getting him to use the litter box. She has finally used her box but it was just once and she hasn't went at all today (at least not that I can see). having a kitten has also but all my project on hold. I have all the pieces cut for a new duvet cover but I have not been able to put it all together because I can't lay it out on my floor without little paws walking all over it. Not to mention my serger is not working properly, I think I broke it. Which is not fun for me because I love my serger. Everything is easier to make with a serger. Well that is all for now. I will post some picks of ButterCup in a couple of days when I take some pictures of her. And hopefully I will get the duvet finished soon too.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Made a some clothes for Mia

So I made a beautiful dress for Mia for Easter. She was so cute. It's a reversable wrap. I used a tutorial from another creative mind Thank you Amy.
It was so much fun to make and a lot easier than it looks. I didn't enjoy making my bias tape but I found a new tool (at least new to me) at Joann's, it acually folds your bias tape for you. You still have to sew and cut out your material but then you slip your material into the tool and you pull it through and start to iron it. I haven't used it yet but I am actualy looking forward to it .
I also made another dress for Mia using the same concept as the wrap but it is more of a jumper. It ties on the shoulder. I also tried to make reversable bloomers but it was very hard to put the elastic in around the legs so I opted for just surging around the leg holes with a simi rolled edge so they look more like shorts which is fine, I just have to tie the shoulders tighter so it looks more like a short outfit.
I used $1 fabric from Walmart to make the short outfit and a brocade for her easter dress. I do not recommend the brocade if you are a novice, it frays really easy, I would have given up before I began if I didn't have my serger. The fabric from walmart worked really well I actually loved how it was thin and you can see what looks like a watermark background print (I took a picture I hope you can what I'm talking about.)