Saturday, May 23, 2009

Trying to take pictures

The following was typed last Friday May 22nd. I was trying to get a couple of pictures taken but didn't get it done till today. I know that it is wordy, I haven't been able to really grasped the ability to be concise. Thank you for bearing with me as I learn to write more fluently.
This past week has been really a rough one. On Sunday night (17th)I started bleeding. I was no doubt terrified. I called the doc Monday morning and I went in to see them but the person scheduling the appointment messed up and scheduled it with the nurse as a first appointment instead of with the doc or the NP. (and if you know anything about military hospitals they basically suck when it comes to fitting an emergency walk-in in at the clinic) So they sent me down to the urgent care clinic where I waited for almost an hour in a makeshift dental/optometry room. When the doctor finally walked in he looked at me with a smile on his face and said "how are you doing today?" so of course my response was, " What?! How could you ask me that? have you not looked at my chart?" He said, "Well maybe I should leave and come back and we can be nice." I about lost it on him! I mean really, how could someone walk into the room of woman who is terrified that her baby is gone and ask with a smile how they are doing? And then get mad when she get upset and starts crying?! When they finally moved me to a real room the nurse came in and told me that OB clinic wanted the doc there at the UC clinic to do a pelvic, I of course told her that I did not want to see that man again and wanted to wait for the OB. So she told the doctor and he came in anyway. He started talking and then looked to his left and saw Ben and the kids sitting there and said, with complete shock on his face and in his voice, "Oh, you're here" -Yeah my husband came with me to the doctor. He told me that it was fine that I waited for OB but that they needed to start the lab work. He walked over to me to check my heart and lungs and when he finished, he asked why my heart was tacky. I don't know why would my heart be running on the fast side? What in the world could have made it do that- Maybe because YOU were in the room with me- Of course I did not say that to him as I didn't want to tick him off anymore. The tech came in and drew blood then I had to pee in a cup and all that jazz, then they sent me back down to OB- 2hours after I was scheduled to see someone and after my pulse rate started climbing. Ben left to go pick up Nathian from school and then the nurse called me back. My pulse had slowed down a bit but was still above 100. She took me to my room I got ready for the doc, he came in and ran the pelvic, and told me that there was no more active bleeding and that he didn't feel anything unusual. He did an internal US and he turned the screen toward me and there she was, my perfect little peanut with a beautiful flicker in the center of her chest. I couldn't help but cry. Heart rate of 160, absolutely perfect. Well with all the stress of that morning I didn't eat much, then after it was over, I couldn't eat I was too excited. By dinner I could only choke down a bite of food. I woke up so nauseous Tuesday morning, throwing up 4 times before noon. Every time I put a bite or a drink in my mouth it came back out along with anything else that was in my stomach. I called the nurse and asked her just how long she thought I should wait before coming in (when this happened while I was pregnant with Lincoln I waited 2 or 3 days before letting Ben take me in) and she told me that if I couldn't keep down a plan baked potato to get in and get an IV and some meds. And that is what I did. After calling Ben home to take Nathian to his speech eval at 1, and throwing up again at 2, I ate the potato around 4 and thought that I was feeling fine, but I thought wrong. About 20 minutes after it went down it came back, by 445 I was at the Urgent care again, and wouldn't you know it, they were so busy. They got me back and weighed me in- I had already lost 3 lbs since Monday. It took about 40 minutes to get the IV but I wasn't really feeling sick during that time. I didn't mind the wait because there were 3 little ones in there that needed to have IV's also and they needed them more and sooner then me. They filled me up with the fluid then gave me the meds in the IV line then once again I had to peeinacup, then about 30 minutes later they sent me home. I went straight to McD's for some fries and a cheese burger. I have been feeling pretty good ever since, unless I get hungry. I hope that wasn't too much information for you and if you're still with me I promise the rest of the post will be about some of the projects I've been working on.
Okay so I know I said that I would post over a week ago but I haven't been able to get pics done for the post so I've been putting it off. But now I'm going to post even if I don't get the pics up right now.
I decided that with the new baby we are going to try our hands at cloth diapers. When Nathian was born we did use cloth at the very begining but he was throwing up so much (he had pyloric stenosis) that I used the diapers to catch all that mess and bought disposables for the bum. Now that I've had 3 kids and used disposables with each of them I decided that I didn't want to keep up that trend. I want to do something better not only for my kids body, but also for the earth that we call home. So with that said I've been working on knitting wool soakers for her. I have two finished so far. (now I'm almost finished with one that MckMama would be so proud of.)They really worked up fast, the hardest part for me is knitting the first row using the circular needles. I decided to try to first put them on double points then take them off with the circle the first needle change. The newborn size is just so small until the ribbing starts taking shape to have on the circulars without stretching it too much.
I'm also starting to make some diapers themselves. I haven't decided which ones I really want to use as there are so many out there but I figure that I can make a few contoured ones and a few pocket ones, and buy one pack of flat folds, then I can decide within the first week which ones I really like. I think that I will like the contoured one best but I want to try others to make sure that is what I really want to use. I'm going to also sew some covers with some wool sweaters that I bought at GoodWill. I'm going to hit the Salvation Army when they have their half price day and try and find a few more wool items and flannel sheets/blankets. I would love to find some wool flannel at a thrift shop but so far no luck. I'll wait till I get a 50%off coupon from JoAnn's and some extra money (October) and go buy a bolt.
What else have I been up to?...... Well I finished a purse for my best friend. I am working on a wallet to go with it but me and zippers don't get along that well so I've been procrastinating for the last week. So while I was procrastinating I started on a new purse for me. The one that I made a while back has been used and abused and I just need one that is a bit taller with more pockets and in a much more wearable color. I'm going to try and put together a tutorial when I start to work it (it's been cut but it's all just stacked together at this point).
I started a new dress for myself. I bought a dress at Target last summer that fits really well, but it hits just above the knee and even though it will fit throughout the HOT season here I think as the belly gets bigger the front will start to rise too much. So I started making a long one. It has a peasant look to it with an elastic shirred empire waistband. As I get it to a photogenic point I'll post a few pics.
Thank you for reading and I hope I didn't bore you too much. I will post pics very very soon. This time I really mean it.


Jut and Chris said...

I'm jealous of your wool soakers! They are super cute! I'm too scared of circular needles to even try them. Congrats on a job well done!

I hope your pregnancy continues to go well and without further incident!

Melanie said...

Oh boy do I know just how much Military hospitals suck! Since I was high-risk I was at National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, MD - "The President's Hospital" - and that place scarred me for life. (It's 80 miles away from our house; going once a week was awful!) It is an amazing hospital, and I've been there for things other than OB which have gone fine. But the high risk clinic was not a good experience. Walter Reed Army Medical Center is only 10 miles away and so the doctors spend one or two months at one and switch to the other. I rarely saw the same doctor twice which meant explaining your entire medical history over and over, and when I finally got one I liked, she left.

I could go on forever but there is not enough blog space to cover my experience an NNMC.

In other, short words, I feel your pain.

Hope you have no more major issues!