Monday, June 22, 2009

Baby Stuff and Randomness

Well it's been a few weeks and while I'm still nauseous 75% of the time with headaches plaguing 50% of that time I thought I'd take some time to post. DH has been gone for over 2 weeks now but is due back no later than this Friday. The boys are really missing him and can't understand that he will be home in just a few days. You'd think I was telling them that he's not going to be home for a year the way the react. The last 2 weeks have been very trying. The house is a disaster. No, literally a disaster- there is stuff everywhere, I have been so sick that I haven't been able to get things done and when I do feel good I'm doing the bare minimum, like dishes and some laundry so we have clean clothes, but not picking up toys or coloring books and crayons or balls of yarn that the kids have decided to throw at each other. Last week I did clean most of the kitchen- everything but the island, that thing is going to need a miracle- I even got down on my hands and knees, okay so I sat on my bum most of the time but that's not the point, and I scrubbed to floor clean. I bought 2 different mop heads cause I couldn't remember what I needed for our mop but neither of them fit and the floor had to be cleaned. It was so beautiful for about 3 days then one day the boys went outside dug in the dirt for about an hour then came inside wearing half the yard in their shorts and then the dog- well need I say more? I wasn't going to be doing any projects this month with Ben gone but, after reading one of the blogs that I read faithfully I just had to start a project. She pointed me to this blog which does wonderful mission projects. So I started a blanket and will be starting a hat and maybe booties if I can get at least halfway done with the blanket by the weekend. I wish I was a faster knitter/crocheter cause I would love to make a million layette sets for this project. But Alas, I am not too quick with the stitch so one set will have to do. So on the baby front, I haven't had any more issues with bleeding so I'm very happy about that. I go in the 8th for my 16 wk appointment and hopefully we will be able to find out the sex. The other day as I was listening to the heartbeat I thought I might have heard 2 heartbeats. I listened again later that night and could get two different beats again but if there are 2 we will find out in just over a week I guess. I have had three ultra sounds so far and none of them showed another baby but they also didn't really do a lot of moving around to check for 2. The last one that I had showed another sac like structure but the doc didn't press in to see it closer (mostly because it was a vaginal US and I was bleeding and my cervix was really hurting with the probe pushing on it). I haven't gained any weight so far but I am huge. I've had to wear maternity pants since 6 weeks pg, it could be just because this is #4 or it could be that there are 2 babies in here. Which ever it is, 1 or 2, I think I'll be okay. Although an extra baby will make it extra hard to keep up with the house, but if it is 2 then the next few months will be spent getting this house to the bare minimum (not like it doesn't need to happen anyway but it will happen a lot sooner). We never got to have a yard sale and I'm thinking that we wont be having one anytime soon so when Ben gets home he's loading it all up and taking it to the Salvation Army. I really wanted to be able to use the money from the sale to help out with cloth diapering stuff but right now I think just getting the stuff out of the garage is more important. I'm getting so frustrated with all the stuff everywhere, I don't want the kids to grow up in clutter like I did. This is such a hard curse to break out of. My mom grew up in a mess, so we ended up living in a cluttered mess and now my sister and I tend to have a lot of clutter and have a hard time keeping things cleaned up. So this summer things are going to change. We are going to clear out the junk and not buy anything else till it's all gone, and then only what we really need. I'm hoping that we can get a new couch this fall when we get our bonus but I'm not holding my breath, I also want a new camera so that's going to take a large chunk of the money and we need some stuff for the baby (and if there's 2 well, that's another bed, extra diapers etc etc) Well that's all I have time to write about and I'm sorry if it's really boring stuff. I hope to have some better post soon but I can't promise anything as there are 3 kids running around here and a baby inside still making me sick and a crazy house that seems to get messed up without anyone in it. I'll do what I can when I can I promise you that much. Thank you to anyone that actually reads my blog, not sure just how many people read it or would want to but I'm going to keep posting just in case there is someone that reads it and someday I actually say something profound and a life is changed. God Bless you all Jenn


Rachelle said...

I will keep you in my prayers. I know that your hands must be heavy as I have only one 2 year old little girl and she keeps my hands full enough on her own. I hope that you can get your house cleaned out and make things simpler for the future. Just remember, God will not give you more than you can handle and when you can't carry yourself, Jesus Christ will carry you. So if God says twins, well then get geared up for some fun!! :)

Lauren said...

I read, I read. It's always fun to see what's going on in the Adams Family!