Friday, November 5, 2010

Catch Up

Well I guess it's been a while since I've posted anything and as odd as it sounds to me, some of you have been disappointed.  It seems hard to believe that it has been  6 months since I last posted something and that post wasn't an ecspecially happy one was it?  I'm not sure where to begin and how to make a post that will flow seemlessly so I'm thinking the best appoarch might be bullet points.  So here goes nothing:
  • The Kids
They are growing up WAY too fast.  In June we took Nathian to the Pediatric Developmentalist at Balboa in San Diego.  It was wonderful to go to a doctor that took the time to really talk to us and then spend time talking and watching Nathian (unmedicated) then make his diagnosis.  He also took the time to fill out all our forms that are needed for the military Exception Family Member Program, and spell out the exact type of treatment that he wanted for Nathian.  And since the doctor we saw is a Chair on the EFMP board he knew exactly what needed to be said in order for Us as a family to be on the right list so when we are up for orders the Navy can only send us to certain places.  
Lincoln started Kindergarten this year and is loving it.  He has gone through 3 teachers so far because his actual teacher broke her foot last year and has been in and out having surgeries.  I'm okay with that though cause I wasn't a big fan of hers. His teacher right now is GREAT! She's a retired kindergarten teacher and she is so laid back.  I have been so concerned over him not being able to reconize his letters out of order, I talked to her about it and her advice to me was "RELAX"  she told me that I shouldn't be this worried about it and as long as we are working with him a few minutes at a time through the days (like when we go to the store point to a sign and ask him what the big letter is and things like that) then he will get it and will be reading in no time.  It's hard to not be concerned but he is only 5 and most of us weren't learning to read till the end of kindergarten or even 1st grade. 
Mia--- Oh what can I say about Mia?! She has finally decided to potty train- although poop is still a struggle.  Other than that, she has embraced the troublesome 3's.  She is very creative and very loving but watch out if she doesn't get her way.  She has an attitude like something I have never seen (other than on TV shows about those little beauty queens and their mamas).  It is something we are trying hard to eliminate but it is a slow process.  A lot of it seems to stem from her speech issues - which she has started speech therapy in so hopefully soon she will learn how to form some of those sounds that she's having a hard time with and will have an easier time getting us to understand her.
  • The Husband
Ben was able to come home from deployment early (by a couple week) on our own dime which was a lot more than just a dime- more like 10,000 dimes.   He got to go with us to Nathian's appointment in San Diego.
He is now in his last semester of his Master's program. In December he will graduate and be finished with school.  He just got his AFAA personal trainer certification so he is now able to go work at a gym or independantly as a personal trainer which will be great for some extra money to help pay for my books and equipment for my midwifery training and career. 
  • The Military
We picked up orders to go to Hawaii for 3 years.  We are leaving NAS Lemoore on Dec 13th and will be in HI on the 15th.  Christmas this year will be on the beach since we will be in a hotel and that's not a fun place for Christmas.  We aren't too happy with these orders since we are supposed to be going to shore duty but we have been told by Ben's sponsor at the base that the shop that he will be going to is a deploying unit, and he can be deployed for 6 months at a time-- NO!  So we have talked to the detailer who's only answer was- the Navy has changed and all shore duties are deployable now-- We have found out though that if he does have to deploy we can ask for that time back. So if he has to go out for 12 months total during our 3 years then when we re-enlist we can request to get those 12 months of shore duty back.

  • The Craft Table
Lots of stuff in the works, unfortunantly most of those projects are still in my head.  I have dresses galore that I want to make for Mia and I- and maybe a couple to sell.  I also have a bunch of fabric that needs to be turned into bags to sell in my Etsy shop-- yeah, I have an Etsy shop, I've yet to sell anything in there but God willing I will have a few things in there to sell and mail out for Christmas.
I have a bunch of paterns to knit and crochet and am hoping to get my act together and get them all done soon.  Okay well not soon as in this week but soon as in within the year.  I'm also starting some wool soakers for cloth diapering and some cloth diapers. 
  • The Baby
WE ARE PREGNANT!!!!! 11 weeks this Sunday.  We are over the moon!  Ben would actually carry the baby if he could, that's how excited he is.  I've been dealing with "morning sickness" since about 6 weeks on though it really starts around lunch and last till I'm asleep but I've been able to eat and have only thrown up twice and both time were at night so I wasnt' loosing out on calories through the day.   
I'm scared right now that things are going to go wrong and we'll lose this baby too, BUT I know that God is Greater than ALL my fears, and he has promised that those who follow him will not cast their young or be barren and I am going to hold him to that promise (as his word says I can--- ALL God's promises are YES in Christ) 

So that is about it I think,  I'm sure it wont be too much longer till I write again.  I will post before we leave for sure and then I will post after we get there with pics of our new surroundings. 
Love you all and thank you for reading