Monday, March 21, 2011

So it's been too long since I've posted and I'm sure that there is no one out there reading anyway, but I will post anyway on the off chance that someone wants to read. 
So to sum up some of the stuff that's gone on since the last time we spoke:   We now reside in sunny tropical Hawaii. Since coming here we have discovered that ticks just LOVE to live here and love our dog even more.  We also found out that the schools around here are not always willing to follow the letter of the law even when not following said law causes a child to fall behind.  But we also discovered that the counselor at the school is a born again christian woman who loves Nathian and is the kind of woman who will go above and beyond to make sure that he succeeds.  We have learned that even though the NAS Lemoore hospital had it's issues, they don't compare to the issues at the medical facilities around here.  Let's just say- since being here I have not had one single prenatal appointment, even though according to them this is a complicated pregnancy due to having lost 3 babies and being over 30.  But no matter, we have decided to finally (after almost 10wks of trying to get an appointment) to start seeing the midwife that our pastor works with.  We go in on the 30th for our first visit with her. 
We have also learned that the housing around here although filled with really great things, has some issues when it comes to the maintanence department.  up to a 2 week wait to get some simple issues taken care of- not to mention big attitudes from some of the staff.  Oh and we're not allowed to child proof the cabinets.  They said we couldn't drill holes so we would have to use the locks that just stick on- I laughed when they said that.  How does anyone expect to keep a child out of a dangerous cabinet with tape? Just ain't gonna happen!   
But dispite all the crazy things we have learned about living here we have also learned some wonderful things.  We learned that God had a place all planned out for us.  Our church is amazing and the people are family now.  They became family immediately. I have ladies that will be here when baby comes. I have people that are willing to come and help me unpack boxes and organize the house because they know how hard it can be to do anything when you're pregnant especially with 3 other little ones to keep an eye on.   I still don't like Hawaii and would never have chosen to live here, but I'm very grateful that God sees the big picture. 
Speaking of pictures ......

This was taken just a week or so ago outside our house.  Just one of the beautiful things that God has shown us to make living here truely okay. 

So what else have we been up to.... I've been trying to make this house more like a home.  I have now painted the boys' room, most of the kitchen (still have above the cabinets to do but need a small ladder to make it safer), and have the 1st stage of painting done in the livingroom.  I have made 3 baby quilts (there were only supposed to be 2 but when I washed one of them the dye from the backing wicked trough the stitches on the front, so another one had to be made)  I have obtained some wool sweaters and have felted most of them and have made 2 wool diaper covers so far.  I have cut out tons of pieces for the diapers themselves and am just needing to sew them all.   Here's a few pictures of it all. 

Not to mention that I've been busy growing a little one.  He or she is gettting very big and is very active. My belly extremely lively as of late which is such a glorious feeling.   I will have some belly pics to share in the next week.  We are in the final count down- only 10 wks left till we get to meet this beautiful creation.  Somedays I do wonder if there really is only one in here with all the crazy movement but I'm sure that if there were 2 I would have gained more weight or at least I'd be bigger. I guess we will see soon enough.

So that is what has been happening here in the middle of the Pacific ocean.  I have some other pictures on my phone of the island that I will upload with the next post. 



Rachelle said...

Sounds like your life has been very exciting. I had no idea that there were so many issues with Hawaii... I must say that I am very thankful for our base here in Oklahoma given the things going on down there. Congratulations on the miracle growing inside of you and best of luck in everything!