Tuesday, May 20, 2008

brand new baby kitty

Her name is ButterCup. It was originally Scarlet (that is what the lady that had her called her) but Nathian wanted it to be Sweetart. I told Ben that we had to start thinking of names for our puppy (who hasn't been born yet- hopefully this week) and it needed to stay in the candy family. I thought that Kit Kat would be really cute for the dog. Ben was then looking at the kitty and noticed how much her coloring looked like chocolate and peanut butter so she is ButterCup now. It is hard having a new kitten, I forgot what it was like. I don't think it was as hard with Sam (our first cat) because I didn't have any kids chasing him around and I could focus on him and getting him to use the litter box. She has finally used her box but it was just once and she hasn't went at all today (at least not that I can see). having a kitten has also but all my project on hold. I have all the pieces cut for a new duvet cover but I have not been able to put it all together because I can't lay it out on my floor without little paws walking all over it. Not to mention my serger is not working properly, I think I broke it. Which is not fun for me because I love my serger. Everything is easier to make with a serger. Well that is all for now. I will post some picks of ButterCup in a couple of days when I take some pictures of her. And hopefully I will get the duvet finished soon too.