Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Trying to finish my midwifery study orientation

I have been working for the last 5 days trying to finish up my orientation work so that I can actually start focusing on my studies. I am very close to being finished but the part that I am doing not is very tough. I have to buy two books to finish up one of the assignments but the problem is I have to spend $220 for the books. Now in the long run $220 is not a lot of money, especially when these books are going to be what helps me to be the best midwife I can be. I have been putting off finishing the orientation process because I just hate doing the prep work for anything, I would rather just get in there and do it. YET, I know that I have to do it all from start to finish. ( I wouldn't want to go to a doctor that just JUMPED IN and started practicing) SO all in all it is just a slow and pain staking process but soon (by the end of the month) I will officially be studing to be a midwife (not that I haven't been studing for the past few years, but now I will be getting credit for it). On another note, I am struggling with my boys. Nathian is getting into everything and back talking all the time. He just wont listen to me at all, everything I tell him is wrong. I am so frustrated with him right now and I don't know what to do. Yesterday when we were at the neurologist the doc gave us another medicine for him to take along with the Adderall and a smaller does of Adderall for him to take in the afternoon. The Clonidine is a bloodpressure medicine that they have found helps ADHD children control their implusive behavoir (like being destructive yelling being violent) The only problem that I am seeing so far is that it also makes him sleepy (which sometimes makes him more crancky). I have to find the right time to give him the meds because giving him both in the AM is not going to work. This is going to be hard but I am thankful that Ben will be off for about two weeks so we can play around with the dosage times. Lincoln, I don't know how to explain Lincoln. He is starting to yell a lot. he will not talk properly. He refusses to use his tongue and all the sounds that he makes are vowel sounds and when you can't understand him he then starts to yell and get upset and of course it makes me upset and so it just keeps going back and forth. He also cries at the drop of a hat, he has no problem inflicting pain on anyone else but if he steps on something or if Nathian hits him or even runs into him, he will scream and cry and act as if you have torn his arm off. Somedays he asks as if he doesn't hear you. We do have a referal in for him to have an audioligy exam but that could be weeks from now and I am so frustrated I don't know what to do. Mia is starting to fuss and scream a lot now too but I don't know if she is just reacting to all of her teeth coming in at once and an ear infection or if she is starting her twos early(by about 9 months) I have been working with her since she was born on sign language so that she doesn't have to yell at me to get something but lately it is like she has never seen a sign in her little life. The boys are yelling all the time so she thinks that that is the only way that she will get the attention that she wants. i am at a loss for what to do. Okay enough venting I guess. They are saying now that they are ready for a nap so that is a good sign, hopefully they will sleep for a while and I can get some work done. Thanks for listening.


Sheri said...

Hey Jennifer..
that is a LOT to deal with.. I can't imagine... I pray the Lord will help you guys figure out how to help your kids/dosage et al.. and get some rest in there, too..

Love & miss you a lot as well
(btw,thanks for the comment a few weeks ago!)